Load Banks

RCD Load BankWe design and develop a wide range of load banks which can be used in UPS, generators, battery or any other power source to be tested. Power usage data acquisition using PC with Windows based user friendly software can be provided (see Load Monitoring Systems). Forced air cooling is provided to dissipate the heat generated during testing. Protection is provided to safeguard the heating elements in case the temperature starts to rise abnormally.

The commonly manufactured Load Banks can be broadly classified into AC Load BanksDC Load Banks and Constant Current Load Banks.




AC Load banks:

AC Load Bank of 35kWWe offer stepped load variations or step-less load variations. For stepped load variations, different switching devices like contactors, solid-state relays (SSRs) or thyristors are used. Step-less load variations are achieved with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control using IGBT or power MOSFET devices.  Practically no waveform distortion is introduced with such loads. 0-10V or 4-20mA control input is optionally available for step-less load variation.

All load banks can be optionally fitted with a computerized load monitoring and automated testing system. For more details, please refer to Load Monitoring Systems.




AC Load Banka) AC Single Phase: We design and manufacture AC single phase resistive load banks upto 32kW (40kVA at 0.8PF). Higher capacities can be designed against specific requirements.

b) AC three Phase: Upto 500kW, 3-phase star or delta connected loads with current and voltage indications. Power indication can be provided optionally. Wired remote control can also be provided optionally.

c) RCD Loads: RCD (Resistor, capacitor & diode) loads are designed in accordance with EN50091-1-1:1996 as reference non-linear loads for UPS testing. These are available upto 20kW, and higher capacities can be designed against specific requirements.

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DC Load Banks:

An opened Load Bank showing resistive loadDC Load Banks are designed and manufactured for testing batteries and battery banks.  The type of load can be as simple as a resistor element to more complex semi-conductor loads like BJTs, MOSFETs and IGBTs. DC load banks are manufactured in constant current, constant resistance and constant power configurations. We also optionally use semi-conductor loads along with resistors to keep the effective resistance constant.


  1. Constant Current: The current through the load remains constant irrespective of the variation in battery voltage and variation in temperature of the loads.
  2. Constant Resistance:  In this category there are two options:  
    • Using fixed resistors as loads
    • Using specially designed analog circuitry to achieve constant resistance under battery terminal voltage variations by using semi-conductor loads along with resistors
  3. Constant Power: A combination of resistive loads and semi-conductor loads are used to maintain constant power flow out of battery even when the battery terminal voltage changes with time.  This is particularly useful in testing the battery capacity under constant power conditions.

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DC Load Bank 56V 60A

Load Bank for Constant Current Regulator Testing

Constant Current Regulators (CCR) Loads:

These load banks are designed to test the Constant Current Regulators (CCRs) used for lighting the runway of Airports. These are high voltage and high power load banks with provision to increase the resistance from nearly 0 to the maximum resistance specified in the CCR specifications.