Customized Products

We design, develop and manufacture a lot of customized products. Our objective is to provide reliable, accurate and cost-effective solutions for the electronic manufacturing industry. We build products which aid in manufacturing, testing, reliability testing and quality control. We have been converting customer ideas into products with over thirty years of design and development experience.

We developed a Battery Capacity Tester to test the Ah value of 12V, 1.6Ah battery. This is a state ofalt the art machine exclusively designed for Indian Air Force to measure the battery capacity of a 12V, 1.6Ah battery.  The battery under test is discharged with constant current of 160mA (C/10) or 320mA (C/5).  This discharge current is selectable.  The current remains constant during the discharge down to 10V.  The capacity in Ah is displayed on the digital display.  The tester is a mains operated unit.  An external 12V battery can be connected to the tester for continued use during power failure.

Some of the features are as under:

  • Direct Ah value display in x.yz
  • Constant current discharge
  • Two current settings 10mA and 320mA
  • Protection against reverse polarity
  • Provision for external battery for protection against power failure during testing
  • Fuse protection for external battery over current

Customization Options:

  • Up to 200A constant discharging current
  • Trip voltage setting
  • Personal computer controlled current and trip voltage setting
  • Discharge data acquisition on PC with Windows based application software
  • Constant power discharging

Another customized product that we have developed is for the testing of Indian Railway LED signals. It has been successfully installed and is under use. We are also developing test-bench for testing solar panels and comparing different solar panels under different insolation conditions.

We are developing a water-flow control mechanism to be used in micro-hydro power plants, to maintain a constant turbine RPM. This is particularly useful when the water flow is limited. Also, this reduces the wear and tear of turbine and generator as they are subjected only to the actual required load.

We also design a lot of customized and reliable SPMS, for specialized applications. We have designed SMPS for a variety of applications like adapters, LED lighting, industrial controls, battery chargers, instrument power supplies etc. Our SMPS can be designed keeping in view today's green energy demands. Our SMPS have low standby power consumption and are highly efficient.

We make testers for testing semi-conductor devices like transistors, diodes, zener diodes, SCRs (silicon controlled rectifiers) etc. We also make stored energy (capacitive) discharge type spot welding machines with or without the weld head. Special controller for weld head is also supplied for pneumatic weld heads.

Our strength is converting ideas into products, so please feel free to contact us for any of your requirements.